Touch Auxiliaries
MG-521PU/PVC Leather Quality Enhancer

MG-521 is an aqua based leather quality enhancer with the mixture of premium silicone oil and wax. Enhances PU/PVC leather, lambskin, cowhide, full grain and burnish leather surfaces with excellent shininess and sense of smooth touch. Wipe-off surface treatment solution.

Instant shininess upgrade No harm to leather nor cause discoloration and whitening Excellent smooth and comfort feel Shininess durability and long last sense of touch

MG-525Leather Softener

MG 525 is an aqua based non-ionic leather softener solution for natural leathers such as cowhide and sheepskin, specially developed to soften the leather for stretching during production, making it less prone to splitting, cracking, and breakages.

MG 525 helps make the leather more obedient, without harm or discoloration, ideal to prevent time and material loss during last stages of production.

Excellent leather softener effect Excellent smooth sense of touch No harm to leather