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MG-677Patent Leather Polish

MG-677 is a patent leather polish with surfactant and organic mixtures developed for cleansing and polishing of PU/PVC and cowhide patent leather.

An active solution containing special ultrafine particles that restores and increases shininess; it forms a long lasting protective antistatic film that reduces dust adhesion and leaves no trace of fingerprints or marks to patent leather.

MG-677 is a rub on polish with no dilution required for simple application.

Abrasion resistance Durability Antistatic Enhances shininess Excellent sense of touch

MG-268Leather Polish

MG-268 leather polish mixture is specially developed for surface polishing treatments of natural leather such as cowhide, sheepskin, pigmented leather, snake leather and alligator leather. MG-268 increases shine with an excellent sense of touch, with abrasion resistance and bending resistance. MG-268 can be mixed with leather dyes into variety of colors.

MG-268 is a single liquid oil based treatment solution for simple application.

Noticeable high gloss and sense of touch Excellent flexibility, freeze resistance Applicable on white leather and gator/reptile leathers Strong bending power, no stripping or cracking

MG-368PU/PVC Leather Polish

MG-368 is a PU/PVC leather polish mixture of polyurethane resin, n-butyl acetate, isopropanol and organic synthetic polymers developed for leather polishing of PU/PVC and pigmented leathers. MG-368 has excellent surface brightness enhancement, light fastness, abrasion resistance, bending resistance and excellent durability.

MG -368 will not cause cracks or yellowing, able to mix with leather dyes into variety of colors.

MG-368 is a single liquid solvent based for simple application.

Two tone and shadowing effect Abrasion resistance Forms a protective film Excellent durability

MG-530Water Repellent

MG-530 is a special fluorine and organic mixture of toluene and trichloroethane. This product is mainly developed for the water repellent effect in natural and synthetic leather.

MG-530 single-liquid solution for simple application forms a protective film with an excellent water repellent effect, abrasion resistance, durability and glossiness yet leaving a sense of smooth feel.

Excellent water repellent and stain proof Abrasion resistance Smooth sense of feel Enhances glossiness

MG-728Wax Touch Spray

MG-728 is an aqua based anionic mixture with advanced synthetic wax and gloss wax aqueous solution.

This product is mainly developed for wax touch effect of nature leather such as kidskin, calf, full grain, burnished and pigmented leather. MG-728 generates a protective film with plump wax feel, high gloss and generates an excellent sense of touch. MG-728 can be mix with aqueous leather dyes into variety of colors.

Noticeable translucent effect and waxy feel Strong bonding and bending resistance Excellent sense of touch, elevates the value of the product Can be mixed with aqueous leather dyes into variety of colors

MG-738Leather Polishing (High Gloss Finish)

MG-738 is a high-gloss, aqua based mixture of anionic polymeric resin and aqueous polishing solution developed for polishing treatment of natural leather such as kidskin, calf, full grain, goat skin and pigmented leather.

MG-738 has excellent viscosity, bending resistance, high gloss, persistency and great coverage to large, over-sized pores or uneven leather surfaces. It can be mixed with aqua based leather dyes into various colors for different color need.

High Gloss and smooth touch Durable, excellent fastness Excellent cold and bending resistance, non-cracking, non-abrasion