MG-301Coarse Wax (Medium Abrasive & Fade Wax)

MG 301 coarse wax is a filler wax with shaping and trimming effect for bottoms and heels with smoothness and shininess to the shoes.

MG-301 also serves as brush-off wax for two-tone effect and reduces heavy grain to shoe upper with cloth wheel brush.

Excellent shaping and trimming effect Reduces heavy grain for smooth look Serves for two-tone effect Slightly oil based with trimming oil No harm to leather

MG-302Fine Polish Wax

MG 302 is a colorless glossy wax generally use at the final stage of the polishing process for shoe uppers with wool wheel brush for best results.

Excellent natural high gloss finish Smooth sense of luxury touch No harm to leather

MG-303Burnishing Wax

MG 303 is a yellowish wax use to create the “burnished” look and two-tone effect on finished leather, burnished leather and synthetics.

Excellent burnished effect Excellent two-tone effect No harm to leather