Conditioner and Repairs
MG-188Leather Conditioner

Solvent base mixture with Australia aniline, wax, oleyl alcohol and light fragrance. Applicable to clean, polish and nourish all kinds of leather product surfaces such as shoes, boots, jackets, pants bags, wallets, car seats, sofa, horse saddles…etc. Glossy with noticeable wax feel with slightly water repellent effect that diminished mold formation and restores leather elasticity and texture to prolong leather lifespan.

Natural glossy and waxy feel Slightly water repellent effect, mold resistance Moderate formula, will not harm leather nor cause discoloration Will not evaporate, harden or cause cracks

MG-325 SeriesToning Dye

MG-325 is a specially formulated, dual water and solvent-dying based solution that gives dimension to leather and creates a retro effect. At the same time, it corrects and repairs the color discrepancy on the leather.

Formulated with Ethylene glycol, water and exclusive leather color pigment that provides shadowing and antique effect. MG-325 can be mix with MG-728 (Liquid Wax), MG-268 (Polisher), and MG-850 Series (Shoe Cream) for any color required.

Corrects and repairs color discrepancies Retro/antique effect, shadowing effect High Stability, excellent bending flexibility Rub and discoloration resistan