Finishing Auxiliaries
MG-323Anti-Mold Preservative (Aqua Based)

MG-323 is a product manufactured by British ICI Group chemical division. The product contains specially formulated anti-bacteria solution and mixtures of organic chemicals.

This product is developed mainly for treatments on natural leather, synthetic leather, and textile fabrics. It provides excellent growth prevention of molds and fungi with anti-bacteria effect without causing damage to leather or fabric.

MG-323 is a single, easy-to-use application solution with a mild scent. This product is tested and certified by SGS Switzerland as an environmentally safe product.

MG-323 has no PFCs, APEOs, Formalin and Formaldehyde (SVHC compliant)

Non graveolent, mild scent Non-destructive/damaging to material Long lasting effect 100% Soluble

MG-338Color Stabilizing Solution

MG-338 is an aqua based color stabilizing solution with mixtures of non-ionic polymeric resin and aqueous solution that helps prevent discoloration of natural leather such as suede split and nubuck, as well as cloth inner lining. MG-338 has great bending resistance and coverage durability without harming the leather. MG-338 is a single liquid type color stabilizing solution for simple application.

Excellent color stabilizer Mild and harmless to leather fiber No fading in color Bending resistance with excellent coverage durability

MG-528Leather Color Enhancer

MG-528 is a special solution formulated with acetic ester, acetic isobutyl ester and organic compound for surface processing on natural hide, nubuck and split leathers.

MG-528 restores shines to leather, enrich color brightness and increase rubbing resistant, softness, comfort ability, brightness and provides excellent waxy feeling after treatment. MG-528 is a fast-drying surface processing solution.

Restores/enhances color brightness Rub-resistant, excellent softness Excellent waxy feeling