Quality, Sincerity and Service
Established in Taiwan 1988, Magic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. specialized in industrial footwear surface finishing for domestic and foreign brands with innovating treatment products for seasonal collections.

In the following decades, Magic Co., Ltd. identifies household trend demands and further expands into the consumer market with top grade personal leather care and home cleaning products.

Always evolving and innovating while honoring our tradition of outstanding quality and exceptional customer service, Magic Co., Ltd. owes its success to market research, innovation development, market knowledge and efficient resource management.
Product Category
Leather Finishing Series: Top-grade surface finishing chemicals for industrial and personal applications.
Home Care Series: Advanced home polishing and cleaning products for household applications.
Automobile Care and Protection Series: Innovative special-effect protection for numerous automobile applications.
Innovation – made in Taiwan
Based in Taiwan, Asia’s hub for high quality manufacturing and innovation, Magic Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. prides itself on its dedication to research, manufacturing and distribution of innovative surface finishing products for industrial and consumer market applications.
公司簡介 / 品質,誠信及服務
台灣美佶克有限公司成立於 1988 年,專業提供鞋類表面處理產品供國內外知名品牌創新的季節性系列商品。期間為了滿足市場需求,近一步拓展專業皮革護理及居家清潔產品供應個人及家用市場做使用。


皮革表面處理系列: 工業和個人應用頂級表面處理系列產品。
居家防護清潔系列: 居家防護和清潔系列產品。
車用保養防護系列: 汽機車專用特效創新防護系列產品。