Special Effects
MG-168 SeriesAntique Oil

MG-168 is an organic mixture of polyurethane resin, n-butyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol. This product is mainly developed for leather shadow processing of nature leathers such as cowhide, sheepskin, PU/PVC leather to result in a two tone look in order to enhance a sense of value. With abrasion resistance, bending resistance and persistency, MG-168 is able to mix with oil based leather dyes into a variety of colors. MG-168 series is a single liquid oil based treatment solution for simple application.

Two tone and shadowing effect Abrasion resistance Forms a protective film Excellent durability

MG-320Leather Ironing Aid

MG-320 is solvent-free emulsion leather ironing aid solution. This product is mainly developed for natural leathers such as kidskin, calfskin and cowhide leather with wrinkles, embossed, and uneven surface for leather leveling effect.

With sufficient amount of moist level and storage stability with temperature resistance and gloss effect neither harming the leather surface or cause discoloration. MG-320 is single liquid leather ironing aid solution for simple applications.

Smooths out wrinkles, grains, or uneven surfaces on upper Aqua based formula, mild and gentle on leather No fading in color Temperature resistant, excellent ironing effect

MG-537Leather Polisher – Oily Effect

MG-537 is a solution formulated of both synthetic oil chemical and organic chemicals. It is use on leather surface polishing of aniline leather, Nubuck, water-resistant leather, oil-tanned leather, and crazy horse leather. The solution is highly water repellent with excellent long lasting oily effect on leather. It prevents formation of water spots, oil spots, and dirt. MG-537 can be mix with toning solution for desire color. MG-537 is a creamy rub-on oily polisher. Leather color will slightly darken after application, which is a normal effect.

Water spot and oil spot prevention Excellent water repellency Excellent oily effect