Worldwide No. 1
Nano Charcoal® is the world’s most eco-friendly adsorbent and also the most effective.
Made of 100% bamboo, Nano Charcoal is 100% natural and adsorbs most effectively moisture, volatile gases, removes odours and restrains bacterial growth. Nano Charcoal makes sure your products stay free of moisture, mould, and harmful chemical substances while stored or shipped. Learn more on
Nano Charcoal®
Nano Charcoal® adsorbs up to 84% of moisture. This is the highest moisture adsorption rate on the market; 5.6x higher than Silica Gel and 2.8x higher than Lime Desiccants – making Nano Charcoal the best in class adsorbent and – due to its base of 100% bamboo – also the most environmentally friendly. But that’s not all. Nano Charcoal is free of chemicals, up to three times reusable, biodegradable and decomposes to garden fertilizer after use. Nano Charcoal offers customized packaging and it’s available as sachets or Nacko adsorbent bars. More about Nano Charcoal on
NACKO® adsorbent bar
Nacko® is a specially designed adsorbent bar for local and overseas storage and transportation. Its form factor fits perfectly along the wall panel profile of shipping containers. Magnets on the back make it easy to attach, replace or remove the bar. The magnets keep Nacko also securely in place during storage or transportation. Using Nano Charcoal as adsorbent; Nacko adsorbs reliably moisture, gases, multiple organic solvents, distinctive odours and prevents bacterial spread. Learn more about Nacko on

Nano Charcoal® and Nacko® are registered trademarks and patented in Taiwan, China, and Germany. Nano Charcoal is a division of Magic Industry Co., Ltd.