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Magic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is the top producer of innovative leather finishing products for tannery, shoes and leather goods manufacturers.

With over 30 years of experience, Magic Co., Ltd. has earned an outstanding market reputation through exceptional product innovation and professional market knowledge.

Magic Co., Ltd. is attentive to customization of professional leather finishing and care products for industrial and consumer applications with different surface characteristics and treatment needs.

Providing one-stop service with choices of packaging solutions available for domestic market and private OEM/ODM labels among international partners.

Magic is known as a reliable and professional partner based on our core competencies:

  • Innovation and technical know-how
  • Consistent high-quality products
  • Value-added solutions
  • Consumer safety
  • Customer service

Magic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. – Satisfaction comes from exceptional service and products through innovation and advanced technology.

MIT 品質


近年來更憑藉一站式服務,提供系列化包裝設計以提供國內及國際品牌 OEM/ODM 代工服務。


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